Welcome to this blog where we discuss healthcare in Australia. There’s no question that Australians enjoy quality care. There was a recent study conducted by researchers at the New York-based Commonwealth Fund that took a look at which countries offered it citizens the best care. Australia ranked second right behind the United Kingdom and its National Health Service system. Australia has a public-private system, which means that it has a combination of government funding and private health insurance.  Factors considered in the study included population health outcomes, cost, and deaths in direct relation to care.

Australians are treated by incredible doctors with extensive knowledge of the latest research, technologies, and more. One of those doctors is a man by the name of Dr. Rodney Aziz. Dr. Rodney Aziz is a graduate of the University of Melbourne where he earned his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and his MBBS is Medicine and Surgery. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1995.

After Dr. Rodney Aziz earned his degree, he started his career as a doctor in Emergency Medicine where he learned firsthand how to trust his instinct and act quickly to save lives. If you have ever been to emergency room, you probably have an idea by the wide range of ailments and injuries that could bring people to the emergency room. Dr. Rodney Aziz served as a Senior Doctor in Emergency Medicine for more than eleven years.

After he left Emergency Medicine, Dr. Rodney Aziz moved to General Practice. He currently works in Melbourne, Australia where he loves looking after families and his local community. Dr. Rodney Aziz is a highly skilled and respected doctor who has multiple degrees, recognitions, and professional affiliations. This blog will not only focus on his own work, but issues concerning healthcare in Australia.

If you are looking for a general practitioner who loves what he does and goes above and beyond to ensure families receive the care they need, we highly suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Rodney Aziz’s practice in Melbourne. In addition to that, we encourage you to visit this site again to learn more about the latest news and takes on healthcare in Australia.